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Hospitality Services

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Great restaurants only exist because of great people.

The strongest teams are practicing their core values, have empowered their leaders and are seeing the return on their investment....are you?

Do your FOH and BOH leadership teams understand the impact their decisions on your P&L? 

Does your team communicate consistently and clearly? 

Are you teaching healthy practices to deal with stress and conflict? 

You're let me help. 

I provide restaurant finance, operational efficiency, culture and communication training sessions to your team so you can

focus on the rest.  

It has never been more important to ensure that your menus are working for you. 

Are they efficient? Profitable? Resonating with your clientele? 

Do they reflect and refer back

to your concept?

Is your service team trained to reinforce the concept during guest interactions? Are they equipped with the knowledge and skills to sell the breadth of your menus?

Are your inventory counts being regularly audited? 

You're let me help. 

I provide beverage menu consultations (wine, cocktail and spirit free offerings), service and salesmanship seminars, and auditing services so you can

focus on the rest.  


 Shaun Layton, Owner 

 ¿Como? Taperia, Vancouver 

On day three of operations Heather came in, as the past GM was let go in what was a very dramatic situation. Heather came in, calmed nerves, kept the ball rolling, and fixed all the problems that were previously occurring. The difference between week 1 and weeks 2-12 was mind blowing, and to that we owe Heather.

I admire Heather’s pride, professionalism, and attention to detail. No matter how slow or busy the restaurant is, you will get the same result, an A+.


As a leader to other staff, Heather commands respect, yet is well liked by staff. Her knowledge of service, food, and wine are second to none here

(myself included), and will be sorely missed!

Heather McDougall’s consulting services were personally tailored to our needs. She took the time to get to know our colleagues and to gain the respect of our entire leadership team.

We were able to seamlessly implement new systems and structures and set ourselves up for success as we grew our overall business volume by 75%.


I am happy to still consider Heather a great resource who is always willing to lend an ear or a suggestion to problem we may be facing. Our business relationship has remained strong for years after her direct involvement with our


Our organization still uses the training and system structures Heather put in place. When

Heather asked us to offer a testimonial we did not hesitate. Any hospitality focused

organization could benefit from having Heather’s passion and level of quality to enhance their

training pathways, systems and structures.

 Justin Leboe, Owner 

 Model Milk / Pigeonhole, Calgary 

As the wine director at two of my restaurants, Heather always put her best foot forward.   


Her knowledge and passion for wine was very evident both with my staff during weekly trainings and with guests.

  More so than that, Heather was very diligent in exploring what the restaurant and guests needed from a wine list, rather than just filling the list with wines things a Sommelier would want to see. 


I am grateful for that. 

Todd Morgan, Owner 

Maple Leaf Tavern &

Port Restaurant, Toronto 

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