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Tasting Experiences

The world of wine should be fun and delicious. If that's not been your experience, let's chat. 

The best way to learn about wine is to taste a diverse selection with intention, as the world of wine is complex and ever evolving, picking the right wines can be challenging. I'm here to help!


If you're tired of guessing when picking wines to enjoy, I am here to expose you to the world of wine and help you develop the vocabulary necessary to navigate retail experiences, restaurant wine lists and join in on social conversations with confidence and ease.


I will happily build a tasting around a particular region, grape variety or theme to suit your needs.

Ready to virtually travel? Let's do a regional deep-dive to get you started.

Looking to branch out from your go-to bottles? I will meet you where you are and drag you off the beaten path.


New to the world of wine and don't know where to start? No worries. It only seems scary, but is actually really fun!

Get a group together and let's taste! Group tastings of up to 10 available via Zoom until we can all gather once more.  

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